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Intumescent Paint Spraying



Intumescent Painting Contractors

Intumescent Paint Spraying Contractor

Sprayzone offer a comprehensive on-site intumescent spray painting service from initial enquiry to issue of a certificate of supply at the end of the project.

All works are completed by our own professional spray teams who are experienced in working on site and alongside other trades.


Intumescent Painting

What is Intumescent Paint?

Intumescent paints are specialist coatings that provide up to 120 minutes fire protection on structural steel. The paint reacts to high temperatures, typically above 200 C,  by expanding up to 50 times its original thickness. This increase in volume and decrease in density provides insulation to the structural steel members against high temperatures and acts to delay or prevent structural failure in the event of a fire.

Available as water based and solvent based coatings, intumescent paints are quick to apply and provide a smooth and durable decorative finish  to structural steelwork in both internal and external locations. 

Sprayzone Intumescent Painting


Water Based Basecoat

Up To 120 Minute Fire Resistance
• Low VOC
• Colour White
• Smooth Matt Finish
• Quick Spray Application
• Compatible Topcoats Available

Solvent Based Basecoat

• Up To 120 Minute Fire Resistance
• Internal & External Structural Steelwork
• Single Pack
• Quick Spray Application
• Compatible Topcoats Available

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