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Wondering what information we will need to know in order to provide you with a detailed quote for intumescent spray painting? The following should provide all the information that you need and if you have any further questions, please get in touch with our team on 023 8070 4238 or

Required information

In order to quote for any intumescent spraying project, we will need the following:

  • Structural steel sizes. NB. a schedule of these can usually be supplied by the architect, structural engineer or steel fabricator.
  • Structural steel drawings. These should also be provided by the architect, structural engineer or steel fabricator.
  • Required fire protection duration (i.e. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes)

Additional information

Please note that our quotes cannot include items such as masking, access equipment, application of primer, application of topseal unless we have been given all possible information. We are happy to quote based on the structural steel sizes and drawings but there will be additional costs for these items should they be required. If you are able to provide all of the following information we will be able to provide a more accurate quotation.

Paint specification

If a particular paint manufacturer or product has been specified please let us know. We will make a recommendation if nothing has been specified.


Ideally all steels will be located in a dry internal environment. Alternatively let us know if you will be providing fully sheeted scaffold to access external faces of steel. Let us know if the environment is:

  • Internal environment
  • Fully sheeted scaffolding for external faces
  • External


Initial quotations will not include masking if not specified. This is usually only required if adjacent surfaces are to be left exposed in the completed project.


On new build projects the steels will typically arrive on site pre-primed and little preparation is required. Existing steels that have been either previously painted or are exhibiting rust will require extensive preparation. Please let us know the option you think is most likely to be the case.

  • Little preparation required (i.e. new steels)
  • Some preparation required
  • Extensive preparation required (i.e. previous paint needs removing, rusting steels)
  • Unknown


This is typically applied prior to the steels arriving on site but we will need to know what primer has been used. If you know what primer has been used please let us know and include a datasheet if you have one. Alternatively, galvanised steel will require primer so please let us know if this is the case.


We don’t typically include for access at the initial quote stage as the site conditions are unknown (particularly if the building has not yet been built). If we are requested to include for access, this is typically for the internal surfaces and we would need to know the maximum height and whether the concrete floors have been installed. If the floors have been installed, we can either work from scissor lifts or mobile scaffold towers. We now typically request that external surfaces are scaffolded by the main contractor and are fully sheeted to protect from the weather and minimise potential overspray.

Building use

Please let us know what the end use of the building will be. This ensures that we can specify the correct paint system.


There are 2 main reasons that projects require a topcoat: to provide a decorative finish in a specific colour reference or to provide a protective coating to better withstand moisture. If you know that either of these are required, please let us know.


If your finish has been specified please let us know.

  • Basic finish (reasonably smooth and even. Orange peel, other texture, minor runs and similar minor defects are acceptable.)
  • Normal decorative finish (good standard of cosmetic finish generally, when viewed from a distance of 5 m or more. Minor orange peel or other texture is acceptable. )
  • High decorative finish (high standard of evenness, smoothness and gloss when viewed from a distance of 2 m or more.)
  • Not specified


If you wish to attach fixings to the steelwork after the intumescent has been applied these will also require coating. If you have any attachments that will require coating please let us know.

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