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Sprayzone are an experienced cladding spraying and cladding painting contractor and have successfully spray painted cladding panels, trims and soffits to numerous industrial and retail units throughout the UK, offering a competitive and professional cladding painting service.

Cladding spraying and painting

At Sprayzone we have been spraying cladding panels for more than 20 years. We work with many of the leading paint manufacturers to offer high performance cladding paints that provide a cost-effective solution for building owners who want to protect and transform the exterior of their property. We have successfully completed thousands of cladding spraying projects to industrial and retail units throughout the UK and offer a competitive and professional cladding painting service.

Key features

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10 - 15 years manufacturer's warranty available

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Water & solvent based options

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Excellent adhesion

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Rapid drying

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High performance

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Durable finish

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Full range of BS & RAL colours

Approved applicators

We are approved applicators for many of the leading high performance cladding coatings including:

High quality coatings

Sprayzone are approved applicators for many of the leading high performance cladding coatings from manufacturers including Akzo Nobel, Tor Coatings and Rust-oleum.

Following thorough surface preparation, the coatings are spray applied to ensure a consistent and even surface finish; providing excellent adhesion to a wide range of steel cladding panels, including plastisol and PVF2 coated sheets.

Product warranties, of up to 15 years,  are available from a number of coating manufacturers, subject to site survey. Please ask for more details.

Cladding Painting
Cladding Spraying

Technical advice available

To find out more about our cladding spraying services or for technical advice as to which specialist cladding paint is most appropriate for your requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Cladding spraying case studies

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Spray Painting Cladding

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FAQ about spray painting cladding

Discolouration which can be caused by exposure to the elements including UV light and harsh weather conditions. Another common cause of cladding discolouration is lots of moisture in the air – particularly when the moisture comes from salt water common in coastal areas.

Chalking – where fine powder forms on the surface of paint often accompanied by a loss of colour and shine. The is a normal way for paint to wear away and happens at different rates depending on the original paint used and the conditions to which the paint is exposed.

Delamination (or separation of layers) – moisture can get in between the metal cladding and paint layers creating rust and causing the top layer to split away from the cladding.

If you need help to improve the signs of aging in your cladding we’d love to hear from you.

The best method of painting metal cladding in the majority of cases is spray painting. As cladding is typically a large surface, spray painting is recommended as it offers minimal variance in the level of sheen achieved and is faster than either hand painting or roller painting. There may be certain circumstances in which roller painting is recommended and when that is noted during our free site survey we will provide a quote for this option.

In the majority of cases, spray painting cladding is an efficient method which delivers a consistent finish in the best possible time. 

Most cladding on industrial, commercial and retail units is subject to normal atmospheric conditions and will be best served by a similar specification of paint. When premises are based in areas that are more at risk from environmental factors (typically coastal areas), we would recommend a paint which offers additional protection for metal cladding and comes with up to 15 years warranty even on those buildings at greater risk from the weather.

It is possible to spray paint cladding in almost any colour. In most instances we use TOR coatings whose topcoats are available in a range of colours due to their tinting scheme that allows any RAL/BA/NCS shade that you may require.

We are approved applicators for TOR, Rustoleum and AkzoNobel amongst others and apply all colours to meet the exacting preparation and application standards required to meet the warranty requirements. 

Our professional spray painters have years of experience and provide confidence in the protection of the surroundings as well as the finish of the cladding.

Yes, you can paint all types of metal cladding. This includes: 

  • spray painting plastisol cladding
  • spraying PVDF/PVF2 cladding
  •  aluminium cladding

There is more to commercial cladding maintenance than just a fresh coat of paint. Here are our top three tips to help you make the most of your cladding:

  • Keep your cladding clean: removing stains, mildew and dirt will increase the life of your cladding. We will thoroughly clean your cladding before beginning the spray painting itself.
  • Regular maintenance: don’t ignore small knocks or marks to the cladding. Maintaining quickly and regularly will minimise the risks of leaking, denting or corroding cladding.
  • Keep nearby trees and bushes trimmed back and away from your cladding.
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