Intumescent coating of structural steels at Thatchers

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Intumescent coating of structural steels


Structural steelwork (90 minute fire protection)


Myrtle Farm, Somerset


12 weeks

We were pleased to be able to play a small part of the Thatchers Cider story through the intumescent coating of structural steels in their newly extended warehouse. Thatchers have been making cider at Myrtle Farm since 1904 and they plan on continuing to do so for many more years. They are committed to their existing location and community which means they are investing in extending and improving their premises. That’s where Sprayzone fit in: we were tasked with making sure that their newly extended warehouses are fire safe and compliant with necessary regulations.

Intumescent coating structural steels for 90 minute fire protectionThatchers’ intumescent coating project

This project included:

  • application of over 8,500KG of Nullifire intumescent coating
  • 12 weeks
  • heights of up to 20 metres

All adjacent surfaces were masked to protect the newly installed roof and cladding panels from potential overspray from the intumescent basecoat.

Fire protection for new warehouse

Thatchers were extending an existing warehouse building of approximately 26,000 sq ft. We were selected to spray apply a thin film intumescent coating to achieve a 90 minute fire rating.

Working closely with Thatchers and their construction team, we agreed a phased programme of works allowing us to work seamlessly alongside other trades and complete the project with minimal disruption to the normal operations of the farm.

Important measurement and analysis to guarantee fire rating

Prior to commencement of our works a comprehensive survey was undertaken to determine the primer thickness on all columns and beams. The survey involved using an electronic paint thickness gauge to measure the primer thickness. We then record and log all thickness readings on a schedule. This allows us to take accurate readings of the intumescent coating to ensure that all steel members are coated to the specified dry film thickness (DFT) to achieve the specified fire rating. Without this level of detailed measurement and analysis, the fire rating of the finished project cannot be guaranteed.

For this project, we used our preferred intumescent coating manufacturers, Nullifire, who offer water-based, solvent-based and epoxy based intumescent coatings. To quote Nullifire, these coatings are a “tried and tested way of protecting buildings and people from fire. Our intumescent coatings have been exhaustively tested both in our own laboratories but also to national and international standards in independent test houses across the globe.”

Positive feedback: excellent attitude and work ethic

We have received excellent feedback on this project, with the client commenting on the excellent attitude, house keeping, and work ethic of our site operatives.

We are pleased to be part of the continuing story of Thatchers and to enable them to carry on building on their commitment to building a sustainable business for future generations. They aim to do this through:

  • protecting biodiversity;
  • reducing their carbon footprint; and
  • supporting their local community

You can read more about their commitment to sustainability on their website. If you’d like to find out more about this intumescent coating project please get in touch with us here.

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