Shopfront Spraying

We have been spraying shopfronts in trading stores and supermarkets for over 20 years

Sprayzone's experienced shopfront spraying teams provide a high quality solution for the onsite spraying of existing aluminium framing to shopfront windows, entrance doors and roller shutters.

Our shop front spraying service

We are frequently nominated to complete onsite spraying projects on supermarkets, high street shops and retail parks, where our professional quality, spray applied coatings, provide a fast drying and durable finish to both internal and external surfaces.

Key features

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Professional quality, durable finish

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Full range of BS & RAL colours

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10 year warranty available

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Unique resin & pigment technology

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Extremely fast drying

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Wide range of gloss levels

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Internal & external surfaces

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Water & solvent based options

Approved applicators

High quality coatings

We are approved applicators for a range of coatings that have been specifically developed for spray application on to existing aluminium shopfront sections, including powder coated, bronze anodised and satin anodised finishes.

Following thorough surface preparation, excellent adhesion is achieved to all aluminium substrates using a range of etch and two pack epoxy primers.

With fast drying water based and two pack acrylic options available, we can help specify the best coating system for your building to provide a durable finish to both internal and external surfaces.

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Shopfront spraying

Professional on site spraying

Applied by our skilled spraying teams we guarantee to deliver a fresh looking shopfront with no interruptions to your business or customers. To find out more about our shopfront spraying services, please take a look at a case study.

Shop front spraying case studies

Pizza Hut logo

On Site Spraying

As part of their ongoing refurbishment programme, Pizza Hut had a requirement for an experienced and professional on site spraying contractor to implement their updated

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Shop front spraying FAQ

5 signs that a shopfront needs spraying:

  • Unfinished materials on display – if you can still see the metal or timber then that material is also exposed to the elements and isn’t likely to last as long as it should.
  • Dirt! If a shopfront is looking dirty even after thorough cleaning then it’s time for a repaint.
  • Dents and scratches are giving a negative impression of your retail unit.
  • Rebranding. If your shopfront no longer matches your branding you may need to choose a new colour and we’d be happy to speak to you about the wide range of RAL colours that are available.
  • New premises. This is the most obvious and we’d be happy to help!

To summarise: if you look at a shopfront and wonder if it needs to be resprayed: it probably does!

The majority of shop fronts nowadays are aluminium frames with significant glazing. This is an ideal surface for shop fronts due to the low maintenance requirements and is typically powder coated. Whether your aluminium shopfront is powder coated, bronze anodised or satin anodised, we have paint systems available for spraying it. We are also able to spray paint not just aluminium shopfronts but also those made with stainless steel although this is less common.

It is possible to use a brush to paint shopfronts and this may be required for some small areas but we recommend spray painting in order to deliver a smooth uniform finish. Spray painting is also typically quicker and delivers a hard wearing finish.

"The project went really well and I had nothing but good feedback, so thanks for that."
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