On site spraying of metal cladding panels

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Porvair Filtration Group

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On site spraying of metal cladding panels


Cladding panels


Fareham, Hampshire


2 weeks
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Porvair are based on a business park in Fareham where we had previously completed works at another unit. The work we carried out here was completed approximately five years ago and was required due to problems with their metal cladding panels. When Porvair experienced similar problems with the failure of the existing coating on their cladding they contacted us to fix the problem in the same manner that we had for their neighbour.
Damaged metal cladding panels

What was the problem with the metal cladding panels?

The cladding panels were exhibiting extensive failure of the existing factory applied coating which can clearly be seen in this photo. This failure of the original coating was exposing the steel sheets to the effects of the weather and, if left untreated, this would eventually result in corrosion and damage to the steel structure.

What is the risk of letting the top coat on your cladding degrade?

It may seem as though the top coat of any sort of paint is not that important to the integrity of the building but, in the case of metal cladding panels, the problems are far more than just aesthetic. The top coat is not just there to look good but also contains a resin binder that holds the entire coating system together whilst effectively gluing all the coatings to the metal cladding. Once this resin starts to degrade, the base coat will also begin to crack allowing moisture and air to reach the steel underneath. This is what leads to rust and corrosion which can cause permanent damage to your structure and require costly repairs.

What causes coatings to fail?

The failure of a coating system is often caused by environmental factors including UV light, pollution and high salt levels in the air. These factors vary significantly from one area to another and so the original factory applied coating is more likely to degrade quickly in properties near the coast. The coating on metal cladding panels is also likely to wear more quickly if located in areas prone to intense heat, pollution or acid rain. We follow the scale of  ISO Corrosivity Categories to make sure that the new coating used is the best suited for the situation of the property we are spraying.

What action was taken to resolve the problem?

We began by removing all of the existing coating from the affected panels. This was followed by masking the surrounding areas before the spray application took place. We sprayed two coats of Manor Hi Build. This coating is a rapid drying high performance anti-corrosive, self priming low sheen topcoat, which gives a tough flexible film with remarkable adhesion.

Feedback from Porvair

The client commented, “The work to our building was completed last Saturday and the scissor and boom have been collected safely today. Please pass on my thanks to the team for a really nice job!”

Cladding after spray painting

If you have a similar problem with your metal cladding panels, we’d love to hear from you.

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