Soffit and pipework spraying for Escapade Living

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Escapade Living

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On site spraying of metal soffits, services and steelwork


Soffits, ducting, pipework, services and steelwork




10 shifts on site
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Escapade Silverstone is the first Escapade Clubhouse and Residences: designed to merge the worlds of hospitality and motorsport to create a truly unique experience. The Escapade Clubhouse contains a restaurant, bar, reception and gym and the interior needed to reflect Escapade’s strong, sleek branding so Sprayzone were commissioned to spray the soffits and pipework black.


Different substrates requiring a bespoke approach

The brief from the client was to spray the existing white soffit, steelwork and new galvanised services black. There were a number of different substrates requiring spraying which meant that no one single product would be the right choice for all surfaces. Instead, we sourced one paint product that could be applied to the soffit and services and a separate product that was compatible with the existing intumescent coating that had already been applied to the steelwork.

Taking this approach meant that the first step was masking the steelwork so that it was protected from the soffit overspray. We set up a 3m datum line and masked this so that all perimeter walls and columns above this point were ready to be sprayed.


Steelwork masked ready to spray the soffits and ceiling
Steelwork masked ready to spray the soffits and ceiling

Rectifying previous application failures

Upon closer inspection of the soffit, it was noted that the previous application was showing signs of delamination despite having been carried out by an a contractor only a few months earlier. As a result we removed all failed coating prior to re-application. This photo shows the extent of the steelwork masking, including other sensitive items such as FCU’s and extract vents that required protection.


Top seal for intumescent coating

The steelwork had already had an intumescent coating applied so the product that we sourced to cover this section needed to be a compatible coating to ensure the fire protection rating is not compromised.


“Thanks again for the work that you did on the Clubhouse and in the short time you managed to achieve it.”

Will Tindall, Escapade


Escapade Clubhouse ceiling sprayed black
Escapade Clubhouse ceiling sprayed black

Key features

  • Sourcing and application of two products to achieve requested aesthetic
  • Soffit and pipework spraying
  • Spray painting of ducting and paint work
  • Application of top coat to structural steelwork to ensure the  fire protection rating of intumescent coating was not compromised
  • Completed to tight deadline


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