Fulfilment centre soffit spraying in Europe

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On site spraying of metal soffit and columns to new fulfillment centre.


Metal Soffit & Columns


Munich, Germany


16 weeks
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35,000m2 of metal soffit spraying

As part of the construction of a new Amazon fulfilment centre in Germany, Sprayzone were awarded the contract to spray coat 35,000m2 of metal soffit to the mezzanine floors. In addition, we were tasked with spraying 1500 columns in different colours to reflect different zones throughout the building.

High quality water based coating

Amazon fulfilment centres operate 24 hours a day with multiple shifts taking place. The work that takes place covers a full range of functions from picking and packing to shipping and often uses innovative technology and robotics to increase productivity. As a result there is no downtime in the use of the space and it is imperative that the building is finished to the highest possible standard to minimise any future maintenance requirements. With this in mind, we sourced a high quality water based coating with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. This coating was manufactured in Belgium and transported directly to the site where our team of experienced sprayers were ready to get started.

Additional challenges

As the project commenced in August 2020, all works were completed during the Covid pandemic which meant that our team faced additional challenges. These included months of the team being allowed to drive through, but not stop in, France. Our advanced planning and logistics expertise ensured that this did not cause any problems by factoring in mileage and fuel requirements to plan travel routes and accommodation locations. Not only was this work completed amongst changing rules and regulations but it was also the first project of this size we completed outside the UK.

Metal soffit spraying before and after
During warehouse soffit spraying

Key features

  • Large fulfilment centre (warehouse) in Europe
  • 35,000m2 of metal ceiling soffits sprayed
  • 1500 columns sprayed in different colours to reflect different zones in the building
  • High quality water based coating
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Project took place during Covid pandemic: all changing restrictions were adhered to in order to keep employees safe whilst also keeping the work on schedule
  • Warehouse soffit spraying expertise


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