Why we recommend spraying ceiling tiles

Many commercial properties use ceiling tiles due to their uniform appearance. Spraying ceiling tiles can extend the life of a suspended ceiling as it restores them to their original glory. When the appearance of ceiling tiles is compromised by a build up of dirt, there are a variety of options that you might consider such as intensive cleaning, painting with a brush, spray painting or even replacing the ceiling. We would recommend spraying ceiling tiles for the optimum result.

Spraying ceiling tiles helps keep them looking their best

Why do ceiling tiles need maintenance?

The appearance of suspended ceiling tiles can rapidly deteriorate as the original surface coating loses its fresh appearance. This process is sped up by the airborne contaminants found within the typical office environment which are deposited onto the ceiling tiles over time. In order to deal with this standard wear and tear, regular decorative maintenance is recommended. This maintenance will extend the life cycle of the ceiling as well as maintaining optimum visual and acoustic performance.

Can I just clean my ceiling tiles?

The use of standard painting and cleaning techniques will often irreparably damage the ceiling tiles, producing an unacceptable finish. Once ceiling tiles are damaged, the ceiling system will require replacing – an unnecessarily costly and disruptive process.

Why is spraying ceiling tiles a better option?

We have many years of experience spray painting ceiling tiles: both mineral fibre suspended ceiling tiles and metal pan suspended ceiling tiles. We have found the best possible spray coatings for a wide variety of surfaces whether they are smooth or perforated and these have been formulated by experts to provide the best possible finish.

For mineral fibre ceiling tiles the coating we use is quick drying and retains the acoustic qualities and fire rating of the original tiles, providing a non-bridging finish to the existing ceiling tiles and grid. Water based and virtually odourless, this coating is ideal for application in occupied offices as areas can be  re-occupied immediately upon completion of the spraying process.

For metal pan suspended ceiling tiles, we use a coating that is flexible, water based and low odour, specifically formulated for the on-site spray coating of all types of plain metal pan and micro perforated metal pan suspended ceiling tiles. This coating offers a smooth surface finish with similar performance characteristics to the original factory applied enamel coating.

How does the process work?

We spray paint all ceiling tiles on site so the process begins with our detailed quote and survey which we offer for free. This provides us the opportunity to establish which areas require masking and protection, any specific access requirements and to give you an accurate idea of the required length of time for your project.

Once we arrive on site, we begin by protecting the surrounding areas from overspray before preparing the surface that will be sprayed. Before we start spraying ceiling tiles we get everything ready allowing for the best possible standard of finish for your premises. Our commercial spray painting services are available throughout the UK and out of office hours to minimise disruption to your business.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with our friendly team here or read some case studies here.

Spray painting perforated ceiling tiles

Spray painting is not just for smooth ceiling tiles but also for perforated ceiling tiles. The specialist coatings that we use are designed to make the most of the features of your ceiling; so if you have chosen perforated ceiling tiles for their superior acoustic performance, you can be safe in the knowledge that the spray painting process will retain the absorption rate of your existing ceiling tiles.

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