Spray painting lift doors

As specialists in on site spraying, worn and tired looking lift doors present no obstacle to us. It probably goes without saying that lift doors are an extremely high contact surface that are subject to high levels of wear and tear. As with any interior metal work that is scratched, dented or marked, poorly maintained lift doors can give a less than professional impression but this is not at difficult to fix. Spray painting lift doors is a straightforward solution to this problem.

Where do we do the spray painting of lift doors?

Whilst it is possible to remove a lift in order to paint or restore it, we always complete this process on site.

When does lift spraying take place?

We typically carry out lift painting work out of hours so that as little disruption is caused to a business as possible.

What happens during the onsite lift spraying process?

As with all our spraying work, we will begin by carrying out any required site inductions before beginning the work preparations. We will then prepare all surfaces and carry out extensive masking and protection of the adjacent areas in order to protect your premises and any of your staff who may be in the vicinity. Particular care is taken to protect lift button consoles so that no damage can be done to the operational mechanics of the lift.

Once the masking and protection of adjacent surfaces is completed, we will thoroughly clean and prepare the lift doors. This includes removing any loose and flaking existing coatings, filling and abrading any marks, dents or scratches. This process results in a smooth surface ready for the primer to be applied.

Spray painting lift doors
Spray painting lift doors

We then spray the top coat. This is available in a wide range of BS and RAL colour references, including metallics and provides a smooth and durable finish. Once the finishing coats have been applied, we will remove the masking and protection leaving the lift doors to dry.

Before we handover the job, our site supervisor will check all surfaces to ensure that the works have been completed to specification.

How long does it take?

We can usually complete up to 4 doors in a single shift. The paint is touch dry in approximately 20 minutes and the lifts can be used a few hours after the work has been completed. The paint will be fully cured within 24 – 48 hours. We can usually complete up to four lift doors in a single shift. This makes it an ideal job to complete out of hours in a busy commercial space and minimises the disruption caused during a working day.

What type of lifts can be spray painted?

As long as a lift is in good working order, it makes sense to spray it: this service is suitable for passenger lifts in offices, apartment blocks and shops as well as goods lifts and industrial lifts.

What sort of coating is used for lift spraying?

We only use professional quality coatings, which are available in both solvent and water-based options. A full range of BS and RAL colour references is also available, and we can colour match if required. As the majority of lifts are internal, water-based coatings are a common choice which helps to minimise the paint smell after the job has been completed. We will run through with you the available choices of coating and recommend the one that best suits your requirements.

A couple of other things you should know about spray painting lift doors…

The lifts will need to be isolated whilst our work is being carried out.

A lift engineer may be required to realign doors before spraying – this will prevent the paint being rubbed away.

We only really spray the outside of lift doors and surrounds.

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