Spray painting heater casings

Looking for assistance fitting out commercial office space? Or perhaps you’ve been presented with a schedule of dilapidations that includes the heater casings? Whether the office space uses fan coil heaters, perimeter heating or panel rads, the paintwork needs to be just right. If you haven’t already considered spray painting the heater casings, there are plenty of reasons to choose spray painting over regular painting and we’d love to help you out.

Why spray paint radiators and heater casings?

Spray painting radiators does a better job of completely covering the radiator’s surfaces than using a brush. In addition it is quicker and offers a smooth finish which even the most experienced painter would struggle to match.

Your radiators can be quickly refreshed and left looking as good as new in a wide range of RAL colour references. Metallic finishes are also available.

What happens in the process of spray painting heater casings?

The heater casings must be completely cold before we get to work. Once they have been given enough time to cool completely we will begin by thoroughly cleaning the units. All works are carried out on site so we will also mask and protect all adjacent surfaces and surrounding areas to avoid overspray. After the preparation has been completed we will degrease and abrade the surfaces, spray the primer and then the chosen finish leaving the radiators looking as good as new. We usually carry out works out of hours to minimise disruption and, to give you an example of the length of time a job might take, we can spray up to 20 or 30 linear metres of perimeter heater casings in just one shift.

What paint is best for heater casings?

There are many types of paint that can be used for heating units and radiators but after extensive research we are happy to recommend a solvent-based Non-Isocyanate Acrylic product.  This provides excellent durability and chemical resistance whilst its unique resin and pigment technology provides a consistent and even finish. In addition to its excellent finish, our chosen top coat is extremely quick to dry and is touch dry in just 10 – 15 minutes. The paint is available in a wide range of RAL colour references including metallics, and the gloss level can also be specified ranging from matt to full gloss. We do have water-based options available as an alternative to the solvent based product we usually use.

What types of heating units can be spray painted?

Pretty much all types of radiator can be spray painted including those listed below.  If you don’t see your radiator type on the list please get in touch with us to find out if we can help.

  • Fan coil units
  • Under window panel radiators
  • Perimeter heating
  • Single panel radiators
  • Double panel radiators
  • Horizontal radiators
  • Vertical radiators

What do you need to do?

Just get in touch with us and we’ll ask you for any information that we need in order to give you a quote. If needed, we will carry out a free site survey to determine surface condition and other requirements. Once you have got our quote you are very welcome to call our friendly team with any questions that you may have before placing your order. At this point we will confirm all the details including colour reference, paint finish and start date.

Anything else?

As part of commercial fit outs or dilapidation schedules, we’re used to working alongside multiple suppliers to deliver a finished space suitable for any commercial uses. We’re happy to spray paint just your heater casings but if you have additional requirements such as window frames, ceilings and lift doors, we can provide a free quote for all your spray painting requirements. 

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