Spray Painting Ceiling Voids & Soffits

The spray painting of ceiling voids and soffits is frequently specified in the refurbishment of industrial and retail units to provide a consistent spray applied finish to both concrete and metal surfaces.


Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying 3
Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying
Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying 2
Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying

Advances in paint technology have allowed for the development of high performance, self priming coatings, such as Colour+fast (SC-01) Soffit Coating, that are not only water based, but also provide excellent adhesion to both concrete and metal soffits, as well as the associated services and steelwork.

This means that large spaces, such as car parks, industrial warehouses and factories can be rapidly and cost effectively spray painted with minimal disruption.

You can find out more about Sprayzone’s ceiling void and soffit spraying service here.

Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying 1
Ceiling Void & Soffit Spraying

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