How to restore mineral fibre suspended ceilings

How to restore mineral fibre suspended ceilings

Surface Information – Suspended ceiling systems have been used extensively within office and retail spaces over the last thirty years. Although, initially the ceiling provides a clean and uniform finish, the visual appearance can rapidly deteriorate as the manufacturers surface coating, loses its original fresh appearance. This is accelerated by the continual depositing of airborne contaminants found within the typical office environment. Regular

decorative maintenance is therefore recommended to extend the life cycle of the ceiling and maintain optimum visual and acoustic performance. The use of standard painting and cleaning techniques will often irreparably damage the ceiling tiles, producing an unacceptable finish. Replacement of the ceiling system is an unnecessarily costly and disruptive process.

Ceiling Spraying

Coating Specification – Specifying the correct coating system will ensure optimum performance and maximum life expectancy for your refurbished ceiling. Always look for a coating that is water based, with low VOC’s and won’t affect the ceiling tiles inherent fire rating or acoustic qualities. A specialist coating such as colour+fast (MF-01) is recommended as it will provide all these qualities and has been specifically formulated for an on site spray application, ensuring that there is no bridging between the existing ceiling tiles and grid.

Surface Preparation – It is recommended that all repairs to the ceiling, such as replacement of damaged tiles or sections of ceiling grid, are completed by a specialist contractor prior to commencement of the spraying process. Removal of normal surface contamination (i.e. carbon deposits around ventilation units) should be removed and any other temporary fixtures located on the ceiling tiles or grid, such as signage hooks, should be taken down.

debenhams How to restore mineral fibre suspended ceilings
Ceiling Spraying

Masking & Protection – Extensive masking should be completed prior to commencement of the spraying process to ensure that adjacent walls, floors and furniture are all protected. Fixtures within the ceiling, such as light diffusers, ventilation grilles and sprinkler heads should all be comprehensively masked.

Coating Application – Specialist suspended ceiling coatings are typically applied using an airless spray system, whereby the gun is connected to a high pressure pump to atomise the coating. Different tip sizes are used to to achieve the required atomisation and spray pattern. Advantages of this system include the production of a uniform and even surface finish with good adhesion to the substrate. It is important that a trained and experienced applicator is used to ensure works are completed safely and to the required standard.

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