Cladding Spraying London

When Cineworld decided to refurbish this large cinema complex to the west of London, Sprayzone were contacted to advise on the on site spray painting of the existing cladding panels, glazed entrance canopy and steel columns.

After initial survey and consultation, an evaluation of the various spray painting options was undertaken by the client. The key considerations were centred around the poor condition of the existing coating to the cladding panels and which solution would provide the client with best value for money and product performance.

Following completion of on site test samples, it was agreed that extensive preparation of the cladding panels was completed to remove all traces of the existing failing coating. An innovative high pressure blasting system that combines water with an abrasive media was utilised to provide a clean, stable surface prior to spray application of specified cladding paint.

Cladding Spraying Project
IMG 5116 Cladding Spraying London

The majority of the project was completed out of normal working hours allowing the cinema to remain fully operational during the refurbishment works and now provides Cineworld Feltham with a clean and fresh appearance.

Cladding Spraying Project
Cladding Spraying Project

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