Aluminium Shopfront Spraying

New Specification & Datasheet

Key properties for aluminium shopfront spraying

  • Professional Quality, Durable Finish
  • Full Range of BS & RAL Colours
  • 5 Year Warranty Available
  • Unique Resin & Pigment Technology
  • Extremely Fast Drying
  • Wide Range of Gloss Levels
  • Internal & External Surfaces
Shop Front Spraying 5 Aluminium Shopfront Spraying
DSC 0326 Aluminium Shopfront Spraying

Colour+fast (AC-01) has been developed specifically for spray application on to existing aluminium shopfront sections, including powder coated, bronze anodised and satin anodised finishes.

Using unique resin and pigment technology, the coating has similar performance characteristics to factory applied powder coating, providing an extremely durable and colourfast finish.

On Site Spraying
Door Spraying

Applied using High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray equipment to ensure a consistent and even surface finish, this professional quality coating is isocyanate free and ideal for spray application in both internal and external locations.

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