7 ways on site spraying can improve commercial premises.

Whether you want to refresh a tired looking office or entice more customers into your shop, on site spraying is a fast and effective way to improve the appearance of commercial properties.

Even though we’re told never to judge a book by its cover, the fact is, we all form a first impression based on what we see with our eyes. So, in business where consumers are inundated with choice, making your commercial premises look inviting on the outside is key to getting customers inside.

Fortunately, giving your commercial property a fresh new look needn’t be time consuming, costly or intrusive. With the help of professional on site spraying you can refresh cladding, windows, doors and ceilings on commercial buildings, quickly and cost-effectively, without any disruption to business as usual.

Here are just 7 ways on site spraying can improve the appearance of your business premises:


Suspended ceilings can be found in countless commercial premises and while they’re ideal for concealing electrical cabling, plumbing, and other unsightly fixtures, over time suspended ceilings can discolour and stain. As such, they require regular maintenance to keep looking their best.

On site ceiling spraying is a great way to refresh the appearance of a suspended ceiling, without swapping the existing tiles for new. Everything outside of the spray zone can be carefully masked, negating any need to remove fixtures and furniture. The entire end-to-end process can be completed outside of business hours, so there’s no need to lose a day’s trading or uproot your staff to another location.

Best of all, today’s water-based paints dry fast and leave no discernable odour, so you can open up the next day with a brilliantly clean ceiling and minimal paint fumes.

ceiling spraying
shopfront spraying

Shop fronts

Being exposed to the elements in all seasons can cause shop fronts to weather, fade and show signs of wear. Environmental pollutants, such as traffic and waste generated by industry, all take their toll on buildings, affecting their quality, appearance and efficiency.

Re-spraying your shop front on site is the ideal way to undo the effects of inclement weather, harmful toxins and general wear and tear. Not only can you colour match the paint to a shade of your choosing to complement your brand colours, you can also specify flat and metallic finishes, in a variety of gloss levels to provide a highly durable top coat.


Window spraying is a popular way to update the appearance of commercial offices, retail units and industrial premises, where on site spraying proves more competitive than replacing old window frames. Like shop fronts, aluminium window frames are continuously exposed to the harmful effects of sunlight, wind and rain, all of which can degrade a building’s appearance. On site window spraying offers a cost-effective way to protect and refresh windows without replacing them.

Using a combination of two pack epoxy primers, and durable finishing coats with resin and pigment technology, your building’s entire suite of windows can be transformed in a matter of hours. The high-quality finish makes windows appear as new, while the fast-drying application means the whole job can be completed with minimal disruption.

Commercial spray painting - spraying windows
spraying doors


Because doors within commercial buildings are constantly in use they can suffer from the damage of wear and tear far quicker than other fixtures and fittings. On site door spraying offers a fast and effective way to smarten up the appearance of manual and automatic doors, providing a durable coating that offers a long lasting professional finish.

Just as with window and shop front spraying, door spraying can take place on site after business hours. This ensures that commercial operations can go on as usual during the day. The procedure is a multi-step process of thorough preparation and masking, with a primer being applied ahead of colour application to ensure excellent adhesion is achieved. Doors can be sprayed in a colour of your choice, and to a variety of gloss or matt finishes.



Cladding panels are commonly used in the construction of retail and industrial units but like any external façade the elements can take their toll where cladding is concerned. On site spraying can improve the appearance of panelling, trims and soffits, helping to restore cladding back to its best.

Spraying directly onto prepared cladding achieves excellent adhesion and a consistent application, resulting in a smooth finish that can last for up to 15 years. As with all on site spraying, application can take place outside of operational hours, with the resulting finish giving your building a new lease of life.

Cladding spraying
Curtain wall spraying

Curtain walls

In modern construction, curtain wall systems have become increasingly popular in commercial building design. Not only do curtain walls have a contemporary aesthetic, they can also easily be manipulated to give a building unique character.

Widely used within new hospitals, retail complexes, hotels and office blocks, aluminium is one of the most popular curtain wall materials, owing to its excellent thermal efficiency. In buildings where curtain wall construction is a feature, panels can be re-sprayed on site to refresh their appearance, modernising and transforming a commercial building.

Just this simple act of changing a curtain wall’s colour is enough to give a building a fresh, updated, look. Ideal if your panels have seen better days and you want to prevent them from degrading further.


On-site commercial spraying can quickly and professionally provide a cost effective solution for the painting of all types of soffits and the associated ductwork and services. From commercial office spaces to the inside of industrial units and car parks, spraying is one of the fastest ways to cover large surface areas while achieving a professional finish. Both concrete and metal soffits can be sprayed on site, ensuring a fast and efficient application that provides instant impact whilst saving time and money on your refurbishment project.

Soffit spraying

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