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Why Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles?

Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles 3

The Problem

Suspended ceiling systems have been used extensively within office and retail spaces over the last thirty years. Although, initially the ceiling provides a clean and uniform finish, the visual appearance can rapidly deteriorate as the manufacturers surface coating, loses its original fresh appearance. This is accelerated by the continual depositing of airborne contaminants found within the typical office environment.


Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling tIles

Regular decorative maintenance is therefore recommended to extend the life cycle of the ceiling and maintain optimum visual and acoustic performance.

The use of standard painting and cleaning techniques will often irreparably damage the ceiling tiles, producing an unacceptable finish.

Replacement of the ceiling system is an unnecessarily costly and disruptive process.

Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles 4

The Solution

Sprayzone have developed two cost effective coatings for the professional refurbishment of suspended ceilings.

Developed in association with leading paint manufacturers, the colour+fast branded coatings are specifically formulated for an on-site spray finish to all forms of suspended ceiling tiles and grid.

Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles 2

Mineral Fibre Suspended Ceilings

Colour+fast (MF-01) Mineral Fibre Coating is a specialist coating specifically formulated for the on site refurbishment of all types of mineral fibre suspended ceilings.

The coating is quick drying and retains the acoustic qualities and fire rating of the original tiles, providing a non-bridging finish to the existing ceiling tiles and grid.

Water based and virtually odourless, this coating is ideal for application in occupied offices as areas can be  re-occupied immediately upon completion of the spraying process.

Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling tiles 1

Metal Pan Suspended Ceilings

Colour+fast (MP-01) Metal Pan Coating is a flexible, water based and low odour coating, specifically formulated for the on-site spray coating of all types of plain metal pan and micro perforated metal pan suspended ceiling tiles.

A smooth surface finish with similar performance characteristics to the original factory applied enamel coating, this rapidly curing coating is approved and specified by a number of leading supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

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