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On Site Spraying – The Essential Guide

On Site Spraying

What Is On Site Spraying?

On site spraying is classed as spray painting activities that are carried out on the clients premises.

Spray works are generally programmed for completion out of normal working hours and after extensive masking and protection of adjacent surfaces to ensure no disruption to customers or staff.

On Site Spraying

Where is it used?

On site spraying is extensively used in commercial refurbishment projects where a cost effective spray painting solution is required.

Typical sites would include supermarkets, commercial offices and industrial units

Ceiling Spraying

What Surfaces Can Be Sprayed?

On site spraying is ideal for achieving a superior spray finish to many architectural surfaces and is frequently specified by architects and surveyors working on refurbishment schemes for retail stores, commercial offices and industrial units.

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On Site Spraying

Why is it used?

Typically used where a cost effective, professional finish is required. This may be as part of a corporate colour change, planned maintenance, refurbishment / fit out project or delapidation works.

Spray Paint Suspended Ceiling Tiles

What are the benefits?

On site spray painting provides many key benefits when compared to alternative decorating methods or indeed entire replacement of the existing surface.

Quality Finish – A consistent and even, professional finish can be achieved that is superior to other decorating methods.

Cost Effective – Spraying is a very efficient method of applying paint, resulting in a high quality finish at competitive rates.

Efficient – Spraying allows projects to be progressed rapidly without compromising on quality or finish.

Convenient – With all work completed on site, programming works out of hours is essential to ensure that work is progressed without disrupting the normal trading routine.

Protection- Re-spraying can significantly extend the life cycle of the building, protecting the surfaces and negating the need to replace.


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